Personal Design Philosophy
While there is an element of beauty to good design, as a trained professional, I do not “make things look pretty.” There is a science and psychology in understanding how people receive information. I use this information within my discipline to determine design solutions — essentially using design as a tool to effectively communicate a message to an audience. In doing this, I seek to achieve an aesthetic balance between content and that which is visually pleasing.

I strive to create order from disorder and achieve harmony in color and visual hierarchy. I have a sound understanding of color psychology and color theory as it relates to brand development and positioning within a given marketplace. 

Why Print Design
I love designing for the print medium — there is a certain simplicity and elegance in the union of paper and ink. There is also an inherent significance and importance that is implied when information is assigned to the medium of print. Plus, it’s very gratifying to hold a finished design project in your hands.

Design for Businesses
A business’ success is directly related to how it represents itself. I am eager to listen to a client’s ideas and vision for a project and then interpret that into an effective design solution.

I want the finished product to achieve the goals that are outlined up front — capturing the essence of a brand, person, mission or product I am designing for.

Special Event Design
I really enjoy designing special event collateral (save-the-date notices, programs, invitations, thank you cards, signage and decorative elements). Ideally, I would create a suite of branded, stylized printed elements that help reinforce a theme or idea for the event. I enjoy working with clients to create a unique brand or “look” for their special event. 

What I Offer
Wedding invitation suites, brochures, business cards, logos, direct mail, posters, invitations, annual reports, ad design, signs, fliers, packaging design, stationery, greeting cards, product displays, trade show design elements, banners, event design, menus, programs, badges, adhesive wall vinyl decals, merchandise tags, brand identity systems, templates for DIY-use and much more.